Shrubbery - Part 1

After 25+ years, the old shrubs out front  (which predate our 1994 move-in) were getting scraggly and overgrown.   The Yew 'trees' were growing up against the house.  So, like moron, I say to myself - 'I'll just take them out and replace them'.   Ever dig out shrubs like this?  Like those 10-12' monsters?  ha...hahahahahahahaha.

After the fact, I looked, and find that removing a Yew shrub can be ...uhm..  difficult. ... "Removing a Yew is sometimes more difficult than cutting down a tree. The wood is extremely dense and difficult to cut with the sharpest chainsaw and the root system is widespread and very deep."

Check. Got it.  I'll just file that little factoid away for next time.  Aaaanyway...  Pics here before and after. Well sort of, there were also 4 shrubs on the far right.  Now the front looks barren and naked, so off to the nursery we go... I guess... stay tuned for more folly....

The 2 planting beds are 8.5'x18' and 8.5'x32' (25' to end of house)